Modern Era Paintings

Photographer: MGST. Jose Lopez, Jr.

Nose art from the modern era reflects the changing values of the US military, and the messages to the public it wants relayed.  Regulations restrict excessively lewd imagery seen in pinup style art of the WWII era, and in some forces, depiction of females in the art is altogether banned.  As is common with regulations, their enforcement falls upon the artists’ direct superiors, and so their effectiveness and magnitude vary from place to place.

Photographer: TSGT. William A. Bloszinsky

Common inspiration for modern nose art remains the same as previous years, with cartoons, stories, and pop culture being a source of inspiration.  Animals are as popular a theme as ever, portraying senses of ferocity, fighting spirit, or survival.

Photographer: SSGT Tiffany Page, USAF

One new inspiration in the US forces comes from the events of September 11th, 2001.  The terrorist attacks that destroyed New York City’s World Trade Center carried out by Al-Qaeda gave rise to greater sentiments of patriotism and resilience among many, which is commonly seen reflected in the nose art of the time through national symbols such as the bald eagle and the flag.


Below is a list of all works of nose art from the modern era in this gallery.

Another Nightmare
Bomble Bee
Cold Ethel
El Diablo
High-Octane Taz
Holy Terror
Let’s Roll
Merlin’s Magic
USA Bulldog
Pandora’s Box
Payback Time
Quanah Parker
Superman II
Toad 1
We’ll Take it From Here