World War II Era Paintings

Influenced by many things in culture, nose art during World War II differed in many ways from its presence in World War I.  There was far more willingness to expose the female form, and the pinup industry had an astoundingly visible effect on not only the content of the most popular of nose art styles, but also on the nuances such as poses and costuming.

Despite their massive popularity with the forces during the war, the public found raunchy pinup paintings, particularly the outright nude and overly-sexualized ones, to be of poor taste and low station.  This affected the future of the art form, including what was permissible in what forces, and whether nose art would be officially endorsed at any point in the future.

Below are all the World War II era aircraft in the gallery.

13th Jungle Air Force Insignia
About Time
Donkey Cartoon
Early Delivery
Elevatis Nihil Celatur
Enola Gay
Executive Sweet
Heavenly Body
In The Mood
Man O’ War
Minsi III
Miss Kentucky State
Skipper’s Darlin’ III
Texas Raiders
Waddy’s Wagon